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Your Texas Lawn. Feels Like Home.


Lawns are a big part of our lifestyle here in Texas. Lawns are places where our families spend time together outside on the green grass. Whether you live in Dallas or San Antonio, El Paso or Houston, or any of the other fine cities and towns around the Lone Star State, Your Texas Lawn helps beautify your home, add curb apparel and value to your property, and provides a place to get outside and play. From touch football games in the backyard, to BBQ’s with the neighbors where you show off how you’ve got the best grass on the block, to lazy afternoons lounging barefoot in the grass, we know what your lawn means to you. That’s why we launched Your Texas Lawn. It’s a resource to help our fellow Texans connect to the best part of your home—your lawn.

Lawn care decisions can be confusing or complicated. This website is designed as a resource to solve problems in your current lawn, or, if you need a new lawn, help you select the right grass for your region’s climate and soil. We offer guidelines to show you which types of sod will stand up to shade or drought conditions, full sun, or high traffic. Our turfgrass maintenance tips are specific to growing and caring for grass in Texas. We’re here to help you get the most out of your grass because we know it matters to you. Your Texas Lawn. Feels Like Home.

Turfgrass Videos

Your Texas Lawn deserves special care. There’s a lot of information on the internet about lawn maintenance, but not much of it applies to Texas. Our video library offers videos Only About Texas. You’ll learn how to select the right grass for your part of Texas, how to install it, fertilize it, mow it, and take care of it so it Feels Like Home.

Watch all of the Texas turfgrass videos here


What is the right grass for Your Texas Lawn? The turfgrass experts at Texas A&M offer written guidelines for selecting the right grass for your lawn, instructions for installing your new sod, and maintenance tips to make your lawn the envy of your neighborhood.

Turf Selection for Texas: County-by-county breakdown of the best grass for your region.

Turf Establishment for Texas: Step-by-step instructions for proper sod installation. Charts to
show sod planting pattern.

Select & Install Sod: A quick guide.

Turfgrass Tips to make Your Lawn the Envy of the Neighborhood: Tips on fertilizer, thatch,
water, weeds, and mowing for Your Texas Lawn.

Ask An Expert

When you need expert advice about Your Texas Lawn, ask a Texas turf expert. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension agents live and work here in Texas. They know our climate, our soil, and the best plants and turfgrasses to plant here. For the best local knowledge for Your Texas Lawn, reach out to a Texas A&M AgriLife Extension agent near you.


The members of Turfgrass Producers of Texas grow fresh, live sod for Your Texas Lawn. Many local sod farms not only grow the grass but offer delivery and installation services, too. If you’re ready to purchase new sod grass for Your Texas Lawn, use this handy search tool to find a sod producer near you.

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Your Texas Lawn™ is a service of the Turfgrass Producers of Texas. Many of the resources available on Your Texas Lawn were produced by the Texas turfgrass specialists at Texas A&M AgriLife Extension.