Thomas Turfgrass

Categories: Bermudagrass, Celebration, El Toro, Geo, Latitude 36, Palisades, Palmetto, Raleigh, St. Augustine, Sunday, Texas Tuff, TifTuf, Tifway 419, ZoysiaFilter: Bermudagrass, St. Augustine, ZoysiaContacts: Emory Thomas Email Thomas Turfgrass What We Grow: Bermudagrass St. Augustine Zoysia Celebration Raleigh El Toro Latitude 36 Palmetto Geo Sunday Palisades Texas Tuff TifTuf Tifway 419 Address 3931 CR 15477488,...
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Categories: Bermudagrass, Empire, Geo, Latitude 36, North Bridge, Tifway 419, ZoysiaFilter: Bermudagrass, ZoysiaContacts: Chico Cox Email Legacy Turf Grass What We Grow: Bermudagrass Zoysia Latitude 36 Empire North Bridge Geo Tifway 419 Address 1769 FM 53678064, Pleasanton, Texas, USContact Tel.: 8305703731Mobile: 8305704600Fax: 8305692747
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The purpose of the Turfgrass Producers of Texas is to maintain a trade association of individuals and firms engaged in the business of producing and marketing sod in the State of Texas.