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Texas Turfgrass Management, Maintenance, and Care

An excellent publication describing turfgrass care is Turfgrass Establishment for Texas -- Ecological Turf Tips, and the following tips are drawn from this publication.

Watering.  After planting sod, you should water enough so that the soil is wet to a depth of two to three inches.  Avoid overwatering because the sod sections will not root as quickly in saturated, oxygen-deficient soil.  When the sod begins to dry out, water to a depth just beyond the depth of the root system.  When two weeks have passed after laying your sod, you can start to increase the amount of time between waterings.

Mowing.  You should allow your turf grass to grow a third to a half higher than your desired mowing height before you mow for the first time.  Mow frequently enough to keep your turf at the grass height recommended for your turf grass variety.  Itʼs easy to damage your lawn with dull mower blades so sharpen or replace your mower blade whenever it dulls with use.

Fertilizing.  Texas AgriLife Extension Service provides complete information on fertilization in the publication Lawn Fertilization for Texas Warm-Season Grasses.  Thereʼs no need to fertilize turfgrass sod after installation until after the grass has rooted and become established.  You should refer to the linked publication for fertilizer rates and application timing for established lawns.

Weed Control.  Sodded turfgrass installations will not have weed problems after planting if certified weed-free sod is used.

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