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Turfgrass Producers of Texas Policies

As an organization of turfgrass sod farms and associated businesses, our members are committed to being good stewards of the environment and we promote ecologically responsible methods of sod farming, harvesting and delivery.
Our members are committed to strict adherence to ethical business practices, and we work very hard to provide quality products to our customers.
We will continue to support new research into the development of more insect and disease-resistant grass varieties.
We recognize that water is becoming a scarce resource in Texas, and we support research into the management of turfgrass to minimize water usage and we also support research into the development of more drought-tolerant grasses.
Our members generate hundreds of millions of dollars every year for the Texas economy, and we promote the growth of our industry and the recognition of its contributions to Texas.

TurfGrass Producers of Texas
PO Box 1571
Bay City TX  77404-1571
Phone:  979-533-9750

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