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About Turfgrass Producers of Texas

Turfgrass Producers of Texas was chartered in 1972 by turfgrass producers in Texas with the mission of promoting the development and production of the best possible sod for Texas applications.  We provide continuing education for turfgrass farms and related businesses, and we sponsor turfgrass research to develop improved varieties of grass and promote better turfgrass management.  The objectives of Turfgrass Producers of Texas are to:
Promote the sustained growth of the turfgrass sod industry in Texas.
Facilitate the exchange of scientific and practical knowledge relating to the production
and marketing of sod.
Encourage adherence to the highest standards of business practice.
Educate consumers about the advantages of turfgrass sod.
Work closely with divisions of government and public and private organizations
involved in the turfgrass sod industry.
Promote collaborative efforts between turfgrass farms, commercial services, research
institutions, and government to strengthen the industry and produce high-quality sod
at a reasonable price.

If youʼre interested in learning more about Texas turfgrass or youʼre interested in joining
Turfgrass Producers of Texas, please call 979-533-9750 or Contact Us.

TurfGrass Producers of Texas
PO Box 1571
Bay City TX  77404-1571
Phone:  979-533-9750

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