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Turfgrass Lawn Sod Research Sponsored by Turfgrass Producers of Texas

Turfgrass Producers of Texas and its members continually strive to develop better, more durable, and more beautiful turfgrasses.  We do that by supporting academic research to develop improved varieties, management practices, and technologies to help our turfgrass producer members meet the challenges of the Twenty-First Century.  We also support research into minimizing the water needs of turfgrass and developing ever more drought-tolerant turfgrass varieties.  Finally, we fund studies to assess the economic impacts of turfgrass sod production in Texas.

We want you to make an informed choice of turfgrass for your home or other project, and we hope that the information we provide here helps you make that choice.  If you have any questions about the varieties of turfgrass that are right for your area of Texas, please contact us and ask for advice.  We are turfgrass experts with many years of experience in the field.

Turfgrass Producers of Texas has collected information for you covering some of the results of our continuing research programs and provided links to research papers.  If you're planning on starting a lawn turfgrass project, this information can help you choose the right sod varieties for your application and your region of Texas, and our research can help ensure that your new turfgrass is installed correctly and maintained properly.  Here are links to more information:

Turfgrass Types -- Information about the turfgrass sod varieties used in Texas and guidelines for choosing the right sod types for your project and your location in Texas.
Turfgrass Installation -- Guidance for preparing your project area for turfgrass sod installation and instructions for installing sod.
Weed Management -- The best time to control weeds is before you actually install your new turfgrass lawn.
Drought Tolerance -- Turfgrass Producers of Texas sponsored a two-year study of the drought resistance of various turfgrass varieties and the abilities of different turfgrass types to recover from periods of drought.
Drought Study Final Report
Economic Analysis Report
Auburn Study - Turfgrass-Sod Production in Alabama:  Economics & Marketing
Weed Control and Turfgrass Response to Herbicides
Nitrogen Application Strategies for Sod Production
How to Select and Install Sod
Turfgrass Selection for Texas
Turfgrass Establishment for Texas
Weed Control Suggestions for Professional Turf Managers
These publications were developed with the assistance of the Texas Department of Agriculture Specialty Crop Block Grant Program.
We recommend the following web sites for more information on turfgrass -- AggieTurf.com and TheLawnInstitute.com.

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